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Useful image optimization tools for the Web
However, a good image optimization tool is required to achieve the desired result. Such tools will help you to manually or automatically resize your images without losing image quality. In…

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Button State Design
In truth, mouse effects are probably the least important to design. By taking into account more functional states at an early stage, you can reduce the risk of possible costly…

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What is a corporate website | business website?
The phrase: "Office — the face of the company" everyone knows, so: corporate website — is the second person of the company after the office for local firms, and perhaps…

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Theories of mobile websites

In many cases, we are constrained by clients and the conceptual models they follow. For customers to learn the potential of mobile web sites, they need to think beyond desktops and applications.
With the introduction of different screen sizes for mobile web sites, device permissions and functionality have to work much more. It is necessary to create more markings of the frame, it is required to provide a different gesture interaction and support a wide range of functionality. All to the same folds in a considerable amount of time testing. And yet, the time and cost are justified, especially when compared to the cost of trying to adjust the optimization to your project depending on the device. Rational arguments can be made to justify longer production times, and most companies may seek additional resources if they wish. Continue reading

5 new trends that will make your web designs even better

1. Serif fonts
For a time, sans-serif fonts dominated the web typography world. Such beautiful fonts as Maven Pro, Futura and Helvetica Neue were on our screens, they became “must have” for an ordinary designer. However, now serif fonts are coming back into fashion (not only in their standard form, but also in more fun, upgraded versions).

In our eyes in 2016, serif fonts gained popularity, more and more font designers began to develop modernized versions of serif fonts. Slab Tall X, Justus and Novello fonts have changed the very approach of using serif fonts in web design. Continue reading

Dark site design

As for the code
If you are a Tuts+ premium user, you can skip to the full code of this tutorial. Eric will tell you in detail how to encode this design in HTML/CSS template!

For beginners, I will explain that Tuts+ Premium is a service that provides a top opportunity to learn and practice skills in a variety of creative areas. Whether you prefer books, visual training or advanced courses, we will provide you with any information. Although, unfortunately, we are not able to provide the service for free, it costs only $19 per month – less than you would spend for dinner.

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“Yes” and “No”: the use of transparency in web design

Web design with transparency can be great, and at the same time have pitfalls. Transparency is the effect created when a colored area, text, or image is “thinned,” or ” wet,” so that the color is diluted and what is hidden beneath it is revealed.

When applied correctly, the effect can be stunning – while creating a great place for text or drawing attention to a certain part of the image.

However, when using transparency, the designer should be careful. The effect can be difficult to perceive, and the problem here is the readability of the text. In addition, transparent blocks and text at the wrong levels can distract from the General idea. Continue reading

Web design trends-2013

In this article I would like to consider some of the latest emerging trends. Many of these design ideas have been in the air for a long time. But I would argue that these ideas will flourish at the end of 2012. and during 2013. There are many open source projects and user interfaces offered online absolutely for free. This creates an environment where novice designers can quickly enter the competition and grasp trends on the fly.
Mobile First Design
The idea of responsive design is not limited to full-fledged websites that can reduce their size. The ideology of designers lying on the surface is to start with a mobile device and grow further. There is a great article published on DesignShack that talks about this idea. Continue reading

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"Yes" and "No": the use of transparency in web design
Web design with transparency can be great, and at the same time have pitfalls. Transparency is the effect created when a colored area, text, or image is "thinned," or "…


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