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Website creation: from idea to finished project
For a certain category of people, creating a website is a way to attract new customers, for another website creation,a way to increase your prestige. Regardless of the reason for…

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Features of the profession and key responsibilities of a web designer
To make it easier to understand the main tasks of the representative of this craft, for a start it is worth considering its basic definition. The profession of “web designer”…

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Create a better contact page
The value of a good contact page. The contact page is often overlooked. How many websites have you visited wanting to contact to report a product or service or ask…

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Creating websites for the masses

Talk about creating sites as a favor, which every day becomes more and more accessible to wide layers of the population. So, the creation of sites — a process that at first glance may seem difficult, but it is not. At least for customers sites. In fact, the creation of sites is a very broad concept. Facebook is a site and a website, such as a travel company too. Technically, both are websites, but they are radically different as Boeing and glider. However, this is NOT a reproach, but the difference in the level and purpose of sites. Therefore, the creation of websites for travel agencies and social networks is completely different. Continue reading

Button State Design

In truth, mouse effects are probably the least important to design. By taking into account more functional states at an early stage, you can reduce the risk of possible costly redesigns as your library of templates evolves. Here are the main states you should pay attention to at an early stage, approximately in order of importance.

1. By default
Not surprisingly, the standard button display is really important. If you make it too catchy or too invisible, you will see that without additional modifier classes or alternative styles you cannot move on.

It is also important to create buttons with context. One of the common mistakes is to choose a button style that is not sufficiently different from the input fields, which can lead to a form that becomes incomprehensible. Continue reading

How to choose the right web design for a website

Web design — this is how much “meet” | web design and website

Each web Studio begins to create a web site with the development and selection of web design. For most, web design is both the beginning and the most important part, as most sites, such as business card sites, corporate sites, have an image — informative purpose. That is, for such sites the main thing is to look beautiful, to make a worthy impression. When we talk about web design, it is appropriate to recall the saying “meet on clothes, escorted to the mind.” It is! Meet the design, provozhayut content. Continue reading

Advantages and disadvantages of online store

This article is for those who want to open their online store. In it I will talk about the main pros and cons of this type of business. What is online store? How do you make purchases and pay for goods through it? Who online store will bring additional profit, and who better to abandon this idea?

in other words, the online store is a site with special functionality. Two main differences that distinguish the online store from the usual site — a catalog with product categories and the ability to order them.
Ordering goods, or the first advantage of the online store. Continue reading

Web layout 101: how to get the most out of the top right corner

Most people view the site on the so-called “F” template. First we look through the upper part of the letter F, then we descend and look horizontally through the second part, after which we descend down to the lower left corner of the site.

Visitors to sites almost do not pay attention to the upper right corner, i.e. You should not place there important information on which, according to the designer’s idea, people should click or perform other actions. Continue reading

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Advantages and disadvantages of online store
This article is for those who want to open their online store. In it I will talk about the main pros and cons of this type of business. What is…


About store design and how to increase attendance and profit
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Rubber web design. What and where will we stretch?
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What is domain and website hosting
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Website business card is a necessity
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