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Website design change: quick restart of your project
Many times I wrote that the master of web design should be creative, should look for new solutions to everyday situations, follow the fashion ... But unfortunately, fashion is a…

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5 new trends that will make your web designs even better
1. Serif fonts For a time, sans-serif fonts dominated the web typography world. Such beautiful fonts as Maven Pro, Futura and Helvetica Neue were on our screens, they became “must…

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Creative website design: what's new?
How does a creative start? Morning, coffee, shower ... A new day has begun, it's time to create. Open a laptop or start a computer, in front of us the…

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Popular Web Design Styles

Site Style Classification
Currently, there is no single classification of web design styles. And this is not surprising: each resource is unique in many ways, and the style of the site is not an exact science and does not have clearly fixed rules. Highlight the main criteria by which you can classify sites:

Structure (minimalistic, complex, 2-3 column);

Color scale (black-and-white, multi-colored, light, dark);

The number and level of graphics (standard, clean, art);
Theme or decoration (magazine style, gothic, “cartoon” style, futurism, retro, classic, grunge, etc.). Continue reading

Create a better contact page

The value of a good contact page.
The contact page is often overlooked. How many websites have you visited wanting to contact to report a product or service or ask a question? And how often did you have to fight the contact form?

A good contact page is beneficial to any kind of business. It is able to increase customer satisfaction by helping with solving their problems. It can also help improve its products and services by providing a wide path for valuable feedback.

When it comes to revoking a direct user, other channels may be limited. Television, radio, magazines, Newspapers… they are all a form of one-way communication. Online communication should be a two-way street; a dialogue between business and visitor. Both sides benefit from it, and that’s why a good contact page is so important. Continue reading

Website design change: quick restart of your project

Many times I wrote that the master of web design should be creative, should look for new solutions to everyday situations, follow the fashion … But unfortunately, fashion is a rapidly changing product, and what seems innovative today is becoming consumer goods tomorrow, it crawls into masses, is copied 100,500 times, and finally it becomes boring. What to do? We are looking for an answer in this article 🙂 Continue reading

Landing Design: How to make a capture page

What is landing?
The concept of the landing page, as, in principle, the design of the landing page, came to us relatively recently, according to the official version from the USA, 10–12 years ago. In fact, this is a one-page selling website created for the sake of one single goal: to prepare and bring potential customers to the purchase of a product or service.
What distinguishes a landing page from a regular site? Well, firstly, there are no complicated navigation grids on it. Secondly, there is no menu. All links that are on such pages lead mainly to the “order” or “leave a request” section. And, thirdly, landing captures from the first minutes and does not let go until you scroll right up to the footer. Ideally, of course :). Continue reading

All about web design trends

This is absolutely true for web design, as often a certain design movement is born, gets support, and then many sites either borrow it or stay away from it. Be that as it may, trends help us to observe the General direction in which the design world can move in the coming months or years.

There are several advantages of trends in the web design industry. First, they help us better predict where the industry will move in the future. Continue reading

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