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The basic principles of website usability

What is site usability?
Today we will talk about one very important characteristic of the site — the usability of the site. What is “usability” (from the English. Usability — ease of use) — this concept is used in various fields of activity and determines the usefulness and ease of use of anything.

In our case, we will consider the usability of the site. A lot of articles and books have been written about the usability of the site, a lot of research has been done. All Internet users are very different, and it would seem impossible to please everyone, but as studies have shown, there are basic principles of site usability that must be taken into account when developing a site. What is the role of website usability in the process of creating a web site? How important is it to take into account the principles of site usability when developing? I will try to answer these and other questions in the article “Basic principles of site usability “.

7 basic principles of site usability
The sites are very different, both in terms of design and in terms of functionality, so spend nalasopara site individually, but there are basic rules that must be followed.

The principle usability of the site No. 1 | Navigation

Is easy to use and intuitive website navigation is the main principle of the site’s usability. The main sections are usually displayed in the horizontal menu, additional — in the vertical, which is displayed directly on the landing pages. Also, to improve the usability of the site, it makes sense to duplicate the main menu at the bottom of the footer site. If the site is complex in structure, display a site map for users — a page that will display the entire structure of the site in the form of a tree list.

The principle of usability of the site № 2 | error Prevention.

Check that all buttons work on the site, all links lead to existing pages — this is very important for the usability of the site. The user is unlikely to stay long on a non-working site.

The principle of usability of the site № 3 | Top of the site

The header is, in fact, the most important part of the site. Studies on the usability of the site show that it is there that people often stop their eyes and often do not even scroll down. From the point of view of the usability of the site, the header is very important. That is why, do not forget to place there the basic information. Submit on top of Your basic contact information, phone numbers, etc., All the things you want to draw the customer’s attention to first.

Site usability principle # 4 | Free space

Between blocks on the site contributes to a better perception of information. Also, you need to remember the line spacing in the text. The information on Your site should be as accessible and easy to understand as possible — this will greatly improve the usability of the site.

The principle of usability of the site № 5 | text Formatting.

On line retreat I mentioned, but don’t forget about all the rest — spacing between paragraphs, text highlighting (bold, italics), highlighting, headings, lists. Dilute the text with pictures — so it is much easier to perceive, especially if the text is large.

The principle of usability of the site № 6 | Using photos of people.

Studies on the usability of the site have shown that people pay special attention to the site on the photos of people. When this topic took to explore deeper, it turned out that not only that users focus on the photo — they look in the same direction as the person looking at the photo. This little trick can be used to direct a person in the right direction and increase the usability of the site.

The principle of usability of the site № 7 | site Search

Do not forget to put the search box on the site, it is an element to improve the usability of the site. No one wants to waste their time , most users come to the site with a clear purpose to find information and quickly. Search block on the site will simplify their task — as a result, everyone is happy — you will delay a potential client on the site, the user will receive the necessary information in a short time and be sure to come to You again — keep this in mind to improve the usability of the site.

I already have a website, how to improve the usability of the site ?
If You already have a website, but You understand after reading that it does not fully comply with the principles of usability of the site, do not worry. It is never too late to take measures to improve the usability of the site. First, you can order usability testing — experts will test Your site for usability and identify the main points that need to be improved on Your site to make it more convenient. In some cases, simple methods of site usability do not improve, more radical actions such as redesign may be required .

Why is the level of website usability so important?

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of site usability. This is even a kind of marketing and psychological tool that allows you to not only create a cozy atmosphere for users on your site, but also to direct them in the right direction, to push for certain actions. Use this tool to develop your website and your business. After all, we all want to live in beautiful, comfortable conditions, to drive a comfortable car. So why not create an atmosphere of comfort and convenience on your website? Due to the high level of usability of the site, users are satisfied and necessarily vidvadayut site again, as a site with a high level of usability, it’s like a car with a high level of comfort, which you want to go again and again!

Important! Remember, the usability of the site is thought out from the beginning, in addition to a good design, to make a high level of usability of the site — one of the main tasks of a web designer. Therefore, when working with a web designer, you need to discuss the usability of the site at the stage of creating a site layout. Beautiful website design and high usability, is the Foundation on which you can build a successful profitable website!

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