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Website creation: from idea to finished project

For a certain category of people, creating a website is a way to attract new customers, for another website creation,a way to increase your prestige. Regardless of the reason for the creation of the site, often, on the desire of many does not move, saying “I must someday do myself”, you know that “someday” can last surprisingly long. Often the potential owners of the site, stops the complexity in the creation of the site, the reason for this incomprehensible terms that smartly rozkidyvayutsya web designers and a General lack of information on the topic. The customer has a list of questions, the answers to which can be found in this article.

Popular questions before creating a website

Do I need a website?
What site do I need?
What should my website look like?
Where and how to order the creation of the site?
Do not deceive me, because I know little about the creation of the site?
Do I need a website? | website creation: from idea to finished project

A website is needed by all. Someone will say that this is not so, but I do not agree — the creation of the site will benefit and increase revenues and prestige, as a lawyer and a master of refrigerator repair, a private hairdresser or a taxi driver. I also believe that everyone, without exception, companies and enterprises need a website. If You are reading this article, then you need to create a website.

Usually the creation of a website increases revenue and prestige
What site do I need? | website creation: from idea to finished project

So, having decided in your desire to have your own website, whether it’s a business card website, or your company’s website, you need to determine the tasks of creating a website, its type. I will list some of the most common types: business card site, online store, business site. More information about the sites can be found in the articles business card Site is a necessity, What is a corporate site | business site? and the Advantages and disadvantages of the online store.

A few words about creating a business site. Business site represents the company, tells the story of its creation, services, range of products. Also on the pages of the business site, often, place the price of products. Depending on the type of activity of the company, the business site is complemented by some specialized functions. For example, if it is a hotel website, the additional functionality will be the booking form, tour-company — tour booking form, and the like. Often the creation of the site does not include additional modules, check the prices for them separately.

Pre-determine the creation of the site is necessary to avoid becoming a victim of insidious managers of web studios, which are not rare impose expensive and complex site creation, with a real need for a business card site.

What should my website look like? | website creation: from idea to finished project

So deciding on the type of site, you need to view sites of similar subjects, to assess what you like and what not, to determine the color: on a white background or on a dark, and so on. If You have a corporate identity, you need to create a website without going beyond it. If you can not decide — it does not matter, the designer will offer options.

Where and how to order the creation of the site? | website creation: from idea to finished project

The next step in the process of creating a website is to search for the web Studio where You will order the website. Web Studio is easy to find on the Internet, both in search engines and on various message boards. Each web Studio has its own business site, where a potential customer can gather all the necessary information, including examples of work.

Do not deceive me, because I know little about the creation of the site? | website creation: from idea to finished project

Of course, the creation of the site is not easy, and 100% of the fraud is not insured no one. But to find the normal prices for the service creation of the site is quite real. Regardless of whether there are prices on the website of the web Studio or not, you need to call and find out the exact price, terms of order, whether paid designs of site layouts, payment method. I recommend to repeat the procedure several times. For example, choose 5 web studios, compare their prices and portfolio. As they say, the truth is known in comparison. Never pay the entire amount at once, at least better on the system 50% after the approval of the layout, the other part after the site is completely ready.

Arm yourself with the necessary knowledge and order the creation of the site!

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