Error the Internet.
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Create a better contact page

The value of a good contact page.
The contact page is often overlooked. How many websites have you visited wanting to contact to report a product or service or ask a question? And how often did you have to fight the contact form?

A good contact page is beneficial to any kind of business. It is able to increase customer satisfaction by helping with solving their problems. It can also help improve its products and services by providing a wide path for valuable feedback.

When it comes to revoking a direct user, other channels may be limited. Television, radio, magazines, Newspapers… they are all a form of one-way communication. Online communication should be a two-way street; a dialogue between business and visitor. Both sides benefit from it, and that’s why a good contact page is so important.

First step: place your contact information. It doesn’t make sense to have the best contact page in the world if your visitors can’t find it. You can help them if you follow some design traditions.

In General, contact information can be found in two places:

The main navigation is the perfect place to link to the contact page. Visitors usually look for the contact page on the right because it is seen as a minor element. Therefore, you will simply see a link to the contact page as one of the last elements of the site navigation.

We can also look at the smaller subnavigation in the upper right corner of the screen. This is also a valuable position for the contact page. By the way, it is better to avoid placing the contact page in the drop-down menu, as there it is easy to skip.

The footer is also a popular place for contact information. It may contain a link to the contact page:

…or the most important contact information:

Predicting the flow of visitors to the contact page is difficult, so that the placement of links in at least two of these places is well insure you.

The most important thing in the contact page
Now you are calm – your visitors will be able to find the way to the contact page, and it’s time to think about its actual content. Let’s start with the main and consider the information that should be presented.

An email address is the easiest way to communicate online in business. Alternatively, you can use the contact form that sends the email. Through the form you get more control over the content (required to fill in the field) and so you can prevent spam. We will tell you about contact forms in this article below.
Business with a traditional store should not forget to mention your address. If you have a lot of stores, it is best to create an individual page for each. Fill it with a separate contact information of the store, hours of work, directions, etc. It is necessary not only for visitors, but also can help your site in local search queries.

Displaying a phone number causes a sense of trust. This is often seen as a sign of a real company, and really helps online shopping.

Many websites began to add social media buttons to the contact page. While this may not be good for all sites, it does have an added value for some visitors. Especially since more and more companies are offering customer support via Twitter (sometimes even around the clock and seven days a week).
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for a good contact page. Any website or business requires certain elements that may be unnecessary on other websites.

There are plenty of additional information or properties that will prove useful on the contact page. For traditional stores, it’s a good idea to mention, say, opening hours. Large companies could be linked to their Live Chat, and e-Commerce sites could solidify users ‘ trust by posting their VAT number.

Convenient information
The ease of use of information will protect your visitors from disappointment with the contact page.
Include your information as HTML text instead of images. HTML text can be copied and pasted, making it easier for the visitor to save your contact information.

The email address must use the mailto link. This gives the visitor the ability to click on it and send the message without having to copy the delivery address and open the mail client. With this technique, however, there may be a problem in the face of spammers collecting email addresses associated with the mailto: link. So you can decide to confuse them first with a service like ahhh!

Side note: phone numbers should also be interactive. Last year we posted a little tip on how to make a phone number click-sensitive. Thanks to a small piece of code smartphones recognize phone numbers and give the opportunity to call them. It is really convenient for mobile users.

Businesses that depend heavily on their traditional stores often benefit greatly from an interactive map, giving the user the ability to quickly find their way to outlets. Show the address of the store is good, and add an interactive map is even better.

Thanks to Google Maps, this useful property is easy to insert. Just enter your address in Google Maps and click on the link icon in the side column. There you will find code of the insertion.

Did you know that you can adapt the map for yourself? You can edit map colors, add custom pointers to the map, and create a legend. You can read more about this at ahhh! You can also consider using alternative services, such as the rather attractive Mapbox.

Don’t forget about search engine optimization
As a visitor, you will instantly know the address on the contact page. Search engines, however, need a little help recognizing the various elements.

This problem can be solved by using structured data. Structured data is a form of HTML markup that gives search engines more information about the underlying meaning of the content.

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