Who is a web designer: creative, psychologist, artist, coder?
This field of activity appeared in the time span of the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s due to the emergence of the international Internet network…

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Landing Design: How to make a capture page
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"Yes" and "No": the use of transparency in web design
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Useful image optimization tools for the Web

However, a good image optimization tool is required to achieve the desired result. Such tools will help you to manually or automatically resize your images without losing image quality.

In turn, this will speed up the loading of the website, thus attracting more customers. In addition, so you will significantly reduce the cost of traffic.

Useful image optimization tools for the Web
Here are 18 optimization tools you can apply to your images:

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is a tool that provides fully automatic improvement of contrast, brightness, color saturation and clarity when optimizing images. It can be downloaded and used for free.

PunyPNG is a useful tool to help designers optimize images without losing quality. It has free and paid subscriptions, and the paid one has more properties than the free one.
Balesio FILEminimizer Pictures
FILEminimizer Pictures is a free tool that helps to compress the image size by applying the original file optimization technology while maintaining its aesthetic nature.
Blubox uses advanced algorithms to reduce the size by 90% while maintaining the look and feel of the images. This form of artistic compression software also gives you the ability to store and share your images with the world online.
JPEG Wizard
JPEG wizard is an optimization tool that supports Windows 95 over XP. Its features are advanced red-eye removal and image compression without loss of definition.
Dynamic Drive
Dynamic drive is an online optimizer that allows you to work with GIF, PNG and JPG images.
Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT)

RIOT is a free image optimization tool that you can download and use on your computer. It allows you to adjust the compression parameters, while maintaining the minimum file size.
Kraken Image Optimizer

Kraken gives you the ability to optimize most image formats. These include JPEG, PNG, JPG and GIF-animation.
Yahoo Smush.it</p>

Smush.it it will help to remove unnecessary bytes of the image, thereby optimizing it. It is managed by Yahoo’s developer network.

ImageOptim helps the optimization by occupying lesser space. In addition, this tool allows you to upload your images faster.

This tool reduces JPEG, GIF and PNG images by up to 50%. Therefore, it helps you to increase the speed of web pages and significantly save disk space.

PNGOUTWin is a tool that reduces the loading time of the site, thus improving the performance indicator. It also saves bandwidth due to smaller image size.

ReaCompressor helps you to compress images for the network as a “newbie” and Pro. It supports many formats including JPG, PNG, and JPEG. Also supports recovery of JPEG.

Twice “your web graphics companion”, Ignite 2 is an optimization tool that you can download and install on your computer. It allows you to compress images for the web, as well as to do the animation.

Produced by NetMechanic, GIF Bot is an optimization tool that helps its users reduce the file size of the image to improve site performance.
Web Image Guru

Some of the basic properties, the following are included with this tool include high-quality color reduction, and superior compression lossy GIF. Supports JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

Shrink-O-Matic – AIR is a drag-and-drop application that allows you to easily reduce the size of JPG, PNG, and GIF images.
Web Resizer

Web Resizer is a free online tool capable of reducing images while maintaining the original experience and look. It is easy and simple to apply. All you need is to download the image, set options and reduce it.

TinyPNG is an image compression tool that uses clever lossy compaction techniques to compress and significantly reduce the size of PNG images. It is easy to use, as you only need to drag and drop the images on the website and reduce them.

JPEG Mini specializes in JPEG images. It reduces JPEG photos by five times while maintaining their aesthetic quality.
Image optimization helps you in many ways. It is able to speed up the loading time of the website. It also has a positive ripple effect on the users and sales you receive from the site.

Image optimization will also help reduce traffic costs. Therefore, make sure that their use is justified and take this into account.

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