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What is a selling design?

What are the main features of a selling design?
We know that a large percentage of sales are carried out through the Internet, and every year this indicator grows, and, consequently, competition among online stores increases. Therefore, before the web designers had the task of developing the design of selling sites. But this is not a simple design.

As we understand, the primary task of the selling site is sales, so every visible element of the site should have a potential buyer to purchase. And since the design is the first thing the user pays attention to, the design of the selling pages has a special role.

A significant percentage of successful sales do not provide the quality of the product itself, but how this product will be presented. In the store, where the goods are laid out on well-lit windows, in accordance with the rules of merchandising, it is more pleasant for us to make a purchase than for the buyer of the stolen goods, right?

In both cases, the quality of the goods may be the same, but psychologically it is more comfortable for us to purchase goods in conditions specially created for making purchases. The store will cause more trust than the dubious buyer.

When making a purchase on the Internet, the same principle applies: where a truly selling website design has been developed, users will be more willing to make purchases than in online stores, which also do not look like a store.

Tips for creating a selling web design
Tip 1. Originality and versatility
At first glance, this task is somewhat generalized, but in fact, is quite specific. It is to learn how to combine corporate identity and versatility, because the online store implies a wide target audience.

A unique corporate identity is needed to ensure that the design of the selling site is not just stylish, but memorable and recognizable. It should be noted that potential buyers may be people of different ages, tastes, beliefs.
Therefore, when developing the corporate style of an online store, one should always remember about tact in the classical, ancient sense of the word – in other words, do not forget about the sense of proportion.

Fashion is changeable, but the classic does not go out of fashion. It will always and for all be relevant. And web design in this respect is no exception: if you resort to using simple geometric forms of website elements, to calm, muffled tones and at the same time not overload the design with excessive information, you can get a really selling website design.

User nothing should distract from the purchase. It should not be too intrusive advertising or animation. In most cases, it is better to refrain from sound.

Let us make a small literary and philosophical digression and note that originality is a criterion of universality. Therefore, do not imitate the design of other, even if successful online stores. You can borrow some design ideas from there, but the concept must remain unique.

Tip 2. AIDA
Suppose that you have already developed the concept of a selling website design and are ready to create your own unique web design based on the examples presented at other successful online stores. Of course, the uniqueness of web design is a huge plus, but experienced marketers offer unique formulas whose performance has been tested on millions of customers.

One of these marketing formulas is called AIDA, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and translates as Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

This is a possible sequence of events arising from the interaction of the consumer and the content of the online store. AIDA is applicable both to the entire site as a whole and to its individual pages. Essentially, marketing web design is based on this.

If the accents on the pages of the products sold are placed correctly, then in only four steps the potential buyer will become your customer. AIDA may be applicable to other pages of the selling site. For example, to the page with reviews. Others reviews motivate the visitor to express their own opinion about the product or service.

The form for adding a review is usually located at the bottom of the page, and just below you can place some categories of goods, because the user might have missed something while on the site. His gaze lingers on the product, and, consequently, the chance that the visitor becomes a buyer will increase.

Tip 3. Colors
In no case should the design of the selling pages be intrusive and striking, but at the same time it should be sufficiently expressive and emotional to get the visitor to make a purchase. How to achieve this result?

First of all, do not forget about the main purpose of the online store – sales. Without a product, this site will lose its purpose. Therefore, make sure that the design does not distract the attention of buyers from the products. It is best to place products, not design, to the fore.

As for the color scheme itself, then if you want to create a really high-quality, unobtrusive and stylish web design, do not use more than three shades of colors. The palette will become much richer after filling the site with photos of products and advertising banners.

It is best not to use bright, poisonous shades: they overly “put pressure” on the eyes, so hardly anyone would want to be on such a site for a long time.

Resort to using soothing, translucent shades of blue, green, orange. Many sites use white as the background, and changing it into the designers’ plans is not yet included. Such shades of flowers are found in nature, and we are already so used to them that we hardly notice.

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