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Website design change: quick restart of your project

Many times I wrote that the master of web design should be creative, should look for new solutions to everyday situations, follow the fashion … But unfortunately, fashion is a rapidly changing product, and what seems innovative today is becoming consumer goods tomorrow, it crawls into masses, is copied 100,500 times, and finally it becomes boring. What to do? We are looking for an answer in this article 🙂

But it would not be time for me …
The golden rule of design says: if a site is over 2 years old, it catastrophically asks for updates! In an amicable way, the improvement of the site should never stop. In the process of daily testing, you need to work on the bugs, constantly speeding up the pages, lighten the load, screw up new technologies, improve efficiency.

But if it so happened that the designer’s hand did not touch the site for a long time, then it would be redesigned or updated. To what extent, with this we will now understand.

As a rule, such articles about the need to change the design of the site are not written for designers (we are with you and so we understand that the update is oxygen for the blood vessels of the project), but for customers, so to speak, users. Therefore, today I will not say why, but I will tell you better how to put the site in order. For maximum efficiency, you can combine this lesson with a training course.
The terrible word “redesign”
You will not believe it, but this is exactly how most sites respond to the proposal. I would say, for many, a redesign is associated with a trip to the dentist: “Well, can it still tolerate?”, “Or maybe he will stop messing around himself?”, “Or maybe not so bad and bad?”.

Do not tolerate! Do not stop! Poorly! Do not lie to yourself! Sorry for the rudeness, but this is the case when softness and sussy-pusi only harm. Here are a few reinforced concrete situations where salvation does not come by itself:

After a steep take-off, the site stood in the positions of search engines, froze on one indicator of attendance (albeit at a relatively rather large).

Pictures are loaded in parts and longer than 3-5 seconds.

The number of broken links exceeded 5%.

Users complain about the navigation and can not independently find the elementary blocks.

The database has a lot of errors and empty links.

Brenda is many years old, and his recognition is still below the baseboard.

The business has expanded its niche and is moving to capturing a new target audience.

The resource is morally obsolete, irrelevant names of goods and services are used on its pages, slogans from the past century, phrase-killers of the uniqueness “we all know”, “it’s not a secret for anyone”, etc.

I don’t want to intimidate anyone now, but prevention is always better than repair, and repair is better than modernization. And if the site needed modernization, then do not regret it, all costs will be repaid by growth of vital signs. The most simple solutions:

The expansion of the thematic niche and the provision of new services will save the site from obsolescence.

From a low presence rate (length of stay of users) – high-quality linking of pages and updating of content.

From a high bounce rate – update navigation and home page.

From a boring presentation – image redesign.

Well, well, the decision that the design of the site needs to be changed has been made. Go ahead.

Gradation of tasks to significant and cosmetic
I advise you to break all the work on website design into these two areas. To the cosmetic we immediately assign partial editing of the site, well, for example, some pages or only the main one. Especially if you are not a very sophisticated designer, you will not be able to change one or two pages by changing the whole site’s work.
I offer you some tips on the development of cosmetic redesign:

Correspondence of the site content / theme to its visual design. No need to pull everything from the Internet. Heap of pictures, hack photos, banners is no longer relevant. If the photos, then your own; if the video is better unique.

Design templates. While you will not understand in detail with the device design templates, do not rush to create your own masterpieces. Stand (do not confuse accent!) Ready-made versions of sites are relatively inexpensive, as a rule, they are well thought out in details. You can use the whole template, you can uniquely. The biggest plus is the layout of the future site you already have, it remains to coordinate it with the customer and that’s it.

Analyzing graphic images. If the photo and pictures are more or less clear, then you need to work on the background and page elements. Pass through the image editor all images borrowed from the Internet. The adjustment will increase their uniqueness and protect against a ban for plagiarism.

Significant changes include complex work to improve behavioral factors, additional monetization and conversion of the resource. Such work requires skills and knowledge, mistakes are unacceptable here.

It all starts with the processing of content. If it is decided that the existing content is of sufficient quality, the designer builds the concept of renewal on the basis of this. Discusses its optimization, feed. I offer such a checklist to the fundamental redesign:

CMS settings;

indexing pages by search engines;

SEO plugins;

navigation menu and its effect on indexing;

availability of an XML card.

Each of the above points is, of course, a cog. But the screws, assembled in the mechanism – this is a system, a clear working hours. Your task is to start this watch and launch it into independent navigation. Something like this 🙂

In general, this is all that I wanted to tell you today. Now we know how to change the design of the site when necessary. But still I will focus on one more important point. This is a bonus from me!

Position Loss: Restart
After updating the design, most sites start shaking search engines. There is nothing critical in this, if you take note of a few professional tips:

optimize page headers and content;

we check keys and their density in texts through special services;

avoid deleting and moving indexed pages (a large number of pages with an error of 404 reduces the site to issue);

if you need to move pages, do not forget about the .htaccess file and the 301 redirect;

check the quality of external links;

We create a site map and high-quality linking internal links, search engines have to circle around your pages for hours, in fact, it is not difficult at all.

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