How to choose the right web design for a website
Web design — this is how much "meet" | web design and website Each web Studio begins to create a web site with the development and selection of web design.…

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How to choose the right web design for a website
Web design — this is how much "meet" | web design and website Each web Studio begins to create a web site with the development and selection of web design.…

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Significance of visual context in web design
In words it is difficult to explain to the reader what the writer wants to convey. Same thing in web design. The site needs a visual context that links life…

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5 new trends that will make your web designs even better

1. Serif fonts
For a time, sans-serif fonts dominated the web typography world. Such beautiful fonts as Maven Pro, Futura and Helvetica Neue were on our screens, they became “must have” for an ordinary designer. However, now serif fonts are coming back into fashion (not only in their standard form, but also in more fun, upgraded versions).

In our eyes in 2016, serif fonts gained popularity, more and more font designers began to develop modernized versions of serif fonts. Slab Tall X, Justus and Novello fonts have changed the very approach of using serif fonts in web design.

Most trends occur in completely different environments, after which they spread to other environments. Below is an example of how a serif typeface had a pretty strong influence on television before switching to web design.
2016 gave us a mega hit, the series is very strange: the short opening of the Netflix series is a visual delight, and a serif font, animated by red-neon lights, is pretty darn attractive. An interesting fact: the font in the title of the series was borrowed from several novels of Stephen King. The series uses a modified version of ITC Benguiat, created by Ed Benguiat. Like many other trends in design, serif fonts can come into fashion after years or even decades.

Not heard about the very strange things? Serif fonts were used in a couple of Oscar-winning films, such as a bear story, a room and a disgusting eight!
2. Natural color palettes

Recently, the Pantone website announced the “greenery” color of 2017. The color symbolizes a new beginning, which is appropriate, given the current events in the world. Leatrice Eisemen, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said: “Greens breaks into 2017 and gives us hope, which is so lacking in the society against the backdrop of difficult social and political situation”.

Natural and neutral tones will certainly replace the bright and sparkling colors of 2016. This does not mean that bright colors will not be used, but they definitely will not become the center of attraction in web design.

Natural colors first came to light in 2016, we watched it, especially in television shows. Immediately I recall the walking dead and the world of the wild west. In the walking dead, the palette was used to convey a dark atmosphere, while in the world of the wild west natural colors were used, but with rich tones that fueled the fantasy atmosphere. You will be surprised to know how much television affects our lives, how it affects the types of visual effects we will respond to.

Natural does not mean “brown” or “Greenery” from the Pantone website, colors can be mixed and matched. Home decor trends in 2016 were largely riveted to natural color schemes and perfectly demonstrated how you can create attractive layouts without bright colors.

3. Mega menu

Slowly but surely, we observed death, or at least minimization of the hamburger icon. This icon helps to free up space, but it can also create a barrier between the user and where he wants to go. Whether this trend continues or goes out of fashion remains a mystery. In 2017, desktop menus will change not only layouts, but will also increase in size. As they say, “play big or go home,” and now the mega menu has big chances to become a trend.

The Huffington Post site has long been implemented its own version of the mega menu.
From the name of the mega menu, it follows that these are large navigation menus that open up on the whole screen, which completely immerse the user and keep him in the right direction, at the same time increasing the conversion and improving the user experience. However, this mega menu is not limited, it can show pages of the second level of nesting, embedded content, and in some cases, advertising mega menus is more than a visual trend, it can completely change the structure and content strategy of a website.
4. Overlapping content

Overlapping content works well on artistic sites with lots of images. Such content gives the design dynamics and has the ability to combine several trends, giving depth and immersion.

Overlapping content is not just putting one element on top of another, it’s about the artistic rearrangement of the layout so that each element shines. For example, if you put homemade food on instagram, you will never dump everything in one plate, hoping for a lot of likes, you will carefully arrange the ingredients so that each of them is clearly visible and the colors are combined. Overlapping content follows the same design philosophy.

5. Gradients (again?)

Gradients come in and out of fashion. Remember how instagram changed its logo in 2016? As soon as he was shown, he was immediately criticized. Despite the cold reception, the transition from the skiomorphism to the multicolored gradient certainly impressed the users.

Last year, Pantone decided that we lack one color, we need two. And we were presented with a beautiful duet, Rose Quartz and Serenity, elegantly flowing into each other. The gradient of these two colors was definitely appreciated, and although we didn’t get two colors this year, it can be expected that gradients will play a huge role in visual design in 2017.

Gradients in web design is a fantastic way to surprise users. Gradients can be applied not only to backgrounds, they are also suitable for logos, highlighting them on a web page. A perfect example is the logo of the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio.

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